New GM, Same Old (Sorry) Team

Scott Pioli (Getty Images)After an abysmal 2-14 season, the Kansas City Chiefs are ready to embrace anyone who can let them focus on next year. The first major step for the franchise was booting Carl Peterson out of the office of general manager and hinting that Herm Edwards would not have a job next season. The next move was to hire a new GM and get this off season underway. Well, Kansas City, your long awaited savior has come, and his name is Scott Pioli.

For those who are unfamiliar, Scott Pioli was the vice president of player personnel for the Patriots in 2002 and has 3 Super Bowl Championships to his name. That’s two more than the entire Chiefs franchise. And now he’s leaving his friend Bill Belichick to take on the challenge of one of the worst teams in the NFL who has plenty of upside. With the 3rd overall pick in the draft and 32 million dollars under the cap, Pioli can’t complain about his hands being tied.

But while Kansas City celebrates this hiring (Jack Harry, an NBC Sports commentator for the Kansas City affiliate, ludicrously said it sounds like the best thing that the Chiefs have had for at least 40 years), it’s going to take a lot more than a GM with an impressive resume to bring the Chiefs out of this funk. No matter what Pioli decides to do with the head coach position, we’re looking at at least a four year struggle before the Chiefs win a playoff game. Until then, fans are just going to have to enjoy their newly renovated stadium and their beloved off seasons which are always brighter than the actual season.

By the way, you know your franchise is in a sorry state when the Arizona Cardinals have won more playoff games in the last 38 years than your team. A new GM certainly doesn’t miraculously turn that around.


One thought on “New GM, Same Old (Sorry) Team

  1. Money Mouth: I now know why the other writers don’t like you–maybe negativity shines through your words when you try to be funny. Your article about the Chiefs is an example of logic that is grounded in despair, bitterness and ignorance. The Chiefs will rise again–how can they not in that division–and, you will be POSITIVELY pleased.A silent reader:


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