Goodbye, Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy announced his retirement from coaching today. Most will remember him as a class act – except for this blogger. I will remember him as the coach who seemed to take pleasure in wrapping up an early playoff spot, and then blatantly forfeiting his team’s remaining games. To me, this act was more disrespectful to the game than any form of cheating – I think it was bad for the NFL, bad for the fans, and on the whole, bad for the Indianapolis Colts. Many will miss you Dungy, I will not.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Tony Dungy

  1. Sounds to me like a Boston elite, who has to hate the only person they know who can compete against the ‘Genius’ Belichick. Cmon Bi-Coast, is Class not in your respected character bucket? Would you like him better if he knew how to break the NFL rules and defied them even after he was warned once to put away the video camera? That’s showing real respect for the game!Anon Cowboy


  2. i am hoping this is a sarcastic post with more sarcastic ‘comments’ because if you are as low of character as you are intelligent (and i KNOW you are very intelligent) i am just sad –i will keep reading and hoping for the witty jabberwocky to return and pray this is an aboration –


  3. Just because Dungy was a “good person” doesn’t mean he has always been a integrious coach. Glad to see him and Bush go.The Original Anon


  4. you make it sound like he said to his team, “don’t worry this week, no curfew, no need to even be there – we are taking this Sunday off!” He has a Super Bowl ring! He is a very genuine, real, candid, and humble man. He is also a great coach of football. His record and his players hsve no complaints — he is in an elite coach. I sincerely don’t see your point – well, i do, and i just can’t get on board.


  5. I’m right there with you. I’ve never been a fan of Dungy. He has produced some very good teams, of course, but I’ve always wondered about his desire to really win. One Super Bowl is, of course, more than many, many coaches ever win, but I can’t help but think that Dungy should’ve won more. Since he didn’t, what was the reason? His <>desire<> to win?


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