Justice comes to the AFC West

Justice comes to the AFC west next week when Denver and San Diego meet with the division championship on the line. Remember what happened the last time these two teams met? You might not, but I can guarantee you the San Diego Chargers remember it.

No matter which side of the Broncos-Chargers rivalry you sit on, you have to admit that that was one of the most unjust outcomes in NFL history. When referee Ed Hochuli is resorting to emailing apologies to San Diego fans, you know something must have gone terribly wrong.

But every now and again, these sorts of things right themselves. In this case, that involved Denver losing two straight and San Diego winning 3 straight to set up next week’s match up.

Even though I don’t have a significant rooting interest between these two teams, the rivalry between Phillip Rivers and Jay Cutler is one of my favorite in sports right now. It dates back to this game last year, when Phillip Rivers inexplicably taunted Jay Cutler from the sidelines. I think I love this rivalry because I do not understand it. It is inexplicable as to why two players who are never on the field at the same time would develop such a hatred for each other. I also don’t understand how two grown men wearing helmets can embody such typical playground caricatures – Rivers being the bully and Cutler being the mop-haired dufus who can’t even hold on to a football, (seriously, have you watched this video?).


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