Denial Of The Fittest

Welcome back to the T.O. Channel, All Selfishness…..All Of The Time.

The latest saga comes after tonight’s big victory against the New York Giants in the Sunday night game.

The much anticipated follow up to the soap opera/reality series that has been the Cowboys all week had everyone watching to see how the ball would be distributed. Reportedly, T.O. went SubversiveTheory and complained that QB Tony Romo had “secret” meetings with TE Jason Witten, believing there was a conspiracy to keep the ball away from him. It’s reported that he and other WR’s Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams went to Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett to discuss the distribution of the ball.

Tonight saw the ball distributed to old and new weapons, including T.O., who was unceremoniously booed after missing his first pass that bounced out of his hands that had big play potential. Looks like Dallas Fan has turned.

Marion Barber tried to show he had heart to combat Dallas owner Jerry Jones’ comments doubting that he did, but was ineffective due to a persistent toe injury. 3rd string rookie RB Tashard Choice stepped up and performed though. Dallas Fan liked that.

Dallas Fan also liked the fact that even though the New York Giants treated Tony Romo like a tackling dummy, they came out with a solid win 20-8.

There was the obligatory sideline shot of Witten, Owens, and Romo yukking it up like they planned on having dinner together after the game.

Our modern day poet John Madden likes to say “winning is a deodorant”. And all the players of this week’s drama are walking around whistling like that Old Spice sailor dude.

T.O. being T.O. though had to not let the sleeping dog lie though at the post game presser. He kicked the mutt by attacking the reporter that broke the team’s tumultuous condition, ESPN’s Ed Werder. He described Werder’s report as “lies”.

We are way past the era of trying to pretend that millionaire athletes are role models or examples of how we should live our lives. Sadly, gifted athletes like Owens build a foundation of lies that, surprise surprise, cannot handle the load when additional spins and lies are placed atop it.

Conversely, when an athlete denies a situation, compromising or not, we can usually assume that the situation occurred. Especially when that situation is labelled a recurrence.

Keep your head on a swivel, y’all.

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