The BCS Discussion

Live by the system, die by the system.

It’s funny the way this time of year brings about selfishness and bad attitudes.

I’m not talking about mall shoppers that would just as soon run you over to get to the last Nintendo Wii Fit as look at you.

I am talking about the BCS (Bowl Crying System) time of the year, where the system’s flaws and shortsightedness are revealed, harvesting a new crop of victims in it’s path.

This year, Texas and USC are crying foul with Ball State’s loss rendering their whine volume to zero.

I am no lover of the BCS system, but it does the best it can while it hangs around the neck of NCAA football like so much dead weight.

BiCoastal assures me almost every day in the hallways that Obama is going to get us a playoff system, so there is no need to worry.

In the meantime, bust out more lollipops.

One thought on “The BCS Discussion

  1. Did you see the sign an OU fan was holding up during Saturday night’s game? It was a blown up picture of a crying girl decked out in Longhorns gear, the caption read, “But . . . But . . . We’re Texas!”Hilarious.


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