College Game Day – Conference Titles

Florida versus Alabama did not disappoint. It was a great game for three quarters – and in the end, Tim Tebow along with the Florida pass rush were too much for Alabama.

Before the game was even played, there was some discussion that if Florida did in fact win, that they should play Alabama in a rematch for the National Championship. I’m writing this during the Big 12 title game, but regardless of what happens there, let’s get one thing straight: the national championship game should NEVER be a rematch of a conference game.

In fact, I think this is a very necessary rule tweaking that the BCS should consider: two team from the same conference cannot meet for the championship. For the reason, we need only look back two years ago, the season of 2006. Ohio State and Michigan were ranked numbers one and two for five straight weeks, right up until their end of the season meeting. What many have forgotten is that after Ohio State won the head-to-head match up, plenty of commentators thought they should have a rematch in the national championship – and in fact, Michigan came pretty close, ending up third in the BCS ranking. What we all remember is that Florida embarrassed Ohio state in the big game, complimented by USC’s two touchdown victory over Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

The mistake we made then was in overestimating the strength of the Big Ten. We might make the same mistake today, in overestimating the SEC, or even the Big 12 if somehow Texas stays ahead of Florida in the final BCS ranking. I say this even though you’ve often heard me touting how superior the SEC is on this very blog. The way the college football schedules shapes up year after year, it is incredibly hard to compare one conference to another.

So I’m putting this out there right now: If the national championship game ends up pitting Florida versus Alabama, or Oklahoma versus Texas, I won’t be watching.

Okay, putting that issue aside, let me make some other comments on the games today.
Tim Tebow is the man. I just cannot believe the hits he lays on linebackers on a regular basis. In some respects, he reminds me of Vince Young, but the comparison is still not very good since Young was elusive when he ran the ball, and Tebow clearly love to lead with his helmet. It is time to start thinking what kind of pro quarterback he will be. It is so hard to say, for this reason: when was the last time a quarterback from a successful college program has had significant success in the NFL? We might be saying Matt Ryan after this season, but there aren’t many quarterbacks drafted in the last decade that would make this list.

Props to Pete Carroll for bringing back some tradition, and having both USC and UCLA wear their home jerseys during tonight’s game. See the Trojans in their deep red along side the Bruins blue gave the game a real classic look.


2 thoughts on “College Game Day – Conference Titles

  1. Good call bi-Coastal!I agree that there should never be a re-match of in-conference teams for the national championship. It should be fun to see a national championship decided with a game between Oklahoma & Florida. I share your appreciation for Tebow's skills. We often fail to appreciate one's leadership, skill and field presence of these 20 year old kids in extreme pressure situations. Truly a talented individual. anon


  2. Tim Tebow is an amazing person, period.Talking Head Spinning and forecasts like this one ( me ill though.Your point about college success not ensuring success on the big stage is correct. But jockeying to lower expectations of a kid that pours his heart into his team, stays in school, and espouses virtue in this day and age is reprehensible.This coming from the guy that usually prefers the underdog guy ala Matt Cassell or Kurt Warner.You can print this out and frame it.Intrinsic


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