Saturday Game Day Post

Ohio State vs. Michigan: I just got done watching the closing minutes of Ohio State’s shellacking of Michigan. I can’t help but feel like I’m also watching the dying gasps of this rivalry. The announcers keep reminding us that this Michigan team will be a lot further along next year. But still, this team just finished their worst season in school history, and Rich Rodriguez continues to mystify us with his bizarre quotables that make the rest of us think – “Does he know what he’s doing?”

I’m sure that Michigan will be competitive again soon, but this blogger has some pretty strong doubts about next year.

Oregon State vs. Arizona: I was pumped about tonight’s Oklahoma / Texas Tech match up, up until about midway through the first quarter. It became clear (very quickly) that Oklahoma’s defense actually prepared for this game, something I thought was against the rules in the Big 12. So I flipped over to this Pac 10 match up, where it appeared that another team’s BCS dreams were coming crashing down. Oregon State needed a win against Arizona, and another win next week against Oregon and they’d be heading to the Rose Bowl. But their kicker missed a game tying extra point with only four minutes left.

Oregon State’s defense got them the ball back, and their offense got them back down inside the ten, where kicker Justin Kahut redeemed himself and won the game. I am now officially rooting for Oregon State. I think it would be a nice change of pace to see a Rose Bowl match up of them versus Penn State. And besides, USC is basically guaranteed some other BCS invitation, so it’s not like they are getting snubbed, we might even see an especially great match up in some other bowl game: USC vs. the SEC runner up? Or maybe USC vs. Texas? That would be awesome.

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma I’m writing this at halftime, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume Oklahoma holds on to win, and this is exactly the scenario I warned about a couple weeks ago. Each of the three teams involved still has a game to play next weekend, with Oklahoma facing the toughest challenge against Oklahoma State. But, assuming each of them takes care of business, I think we’ll see Oklahoma advance to the Big 12 championship game. As I said in the previous post, the team with the best BCS ranking will advance. The thing giving Oklahoma the edge, in my opinion, is their non-conference wins against Cincinnati (who appears to be on their way to winning the Big East) and TCU (who’ve been ranked for most of the season).


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