Crazy Soccer

Only in soccer would you get a story like this. A soccer team that plays in the Italian top division reportedly dropped trow during a free kick in order to distract the goalie and it worked. Giuseppe Mascara lined up the kick and scored in Catania’s 3-2 victory thanks to the efforts and fancy undergarments of several of his teammates.

Now, you would assume this would be some sort of thing that might happen on a whim. The players line up, one of the players decided to be funny, some others join in, and before anyone really realizes what is going on, it works. But these guys are professionals at their sport, and professionals practice. Apparently, this is a “strategy” that Walter Zenga, the coach of Catania, has his team practice on a regular basis in training. I must say, that’s a little creepy.

But this got me thinking, what other sports would “dropping trow” be an effective strategy? Any thoughts?


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