New X Games Event Tested In The AZ

I hate to have fun at the expense of someone else’s problems……………………..but here I go:

Don’t go jogging in Prescott, Arizona. I know, the fresh open air, the scenery, the invigoration of accomplishment of travelling somewhere during your workout………I get it. (Actually I don’t).

But fight the feeling and just jog it out on a treadmill……indoors. I beg you.

You see, it’s rabid fox season in Prescott, as one woman jogger found out. But as far as I’m concerned you can give the scoreboard and a complimentary pair to the jogger in this story.

It seems that while running on a trail, a rabid fox attacked the jogger and bit her on the foot. The jogger then grabbed the fox by the neck and the fox clamped down on her arm.

This is where it gets weird good, for us readers anyway.

The jogger evidently didn’t want to get shots if she didn’t have to, so she decided she was gonna take Mr. Rabid Fox to get tested for rabies.

Problem was, she was a mile away from her car at the time. She then made a decision that the 300 Spartan warriors wouldn’t have made and ran back to her car, with her mitt clamped around the the fox’ throat, AND THE FOX CLAMPED DOWN ON HER ARM!!! For a MILE!

She gets back to the car, tosses and locks Brer Frothing Fox in her trunk and takes herself to the hospital.

The fox later scored again when he bit an animal control worker, necessitating that the jogger and the animal control worker get treated for rabies.


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