Al Davis Is Certifiable

To even post on this is straight up redundancy again.

In a surprise (senile) move today, Al (Darth) Davis decided to waive cornerback DeAngelo Hall after he played only 8 games. The degree of difficulty here is that he mortgaged part of his team’s future since he (Raider Al) gave up a 2nd round draft pick in the 2008 draft, and a 5th round pick in the next draft to Atlanta to get Hall. Just to be sure that he killed the ultimate amount of team morale, he immediately gave him a 7 year, $700 million contract.

And then cut him loose after 8 whole games.

The players are at a loss for words. How do you keep playing your heart out when your leadership is waving a huge, and obvious white flag of surrender? (Insert France joke here).

Who knows, maybe he thought he was getting Mike Vick. Cornerback sounds a lot like quarterback, if your hearing is bad. In the 70’s he built superbowl champ teams by taking other teams’ troubled rogue players. Their mascot is a glorified pirate.

Is there mutiny on the horizon?

Davis is like your grandfather that shows up at your house, and still produces a pair of magnets from his trouser pocket for you to play with because they are “magic science”, and then asks you to pull his finger.

You love him because he’s your grandpa. But you wouldn’t take him to work with you to run your company.

The Raiders will never return to glory with this owner at the helm.

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