Beckham Leaves, U.S. Soccer Still Unnoticed

Two years ago I was celebrating to you all the transfer of David Beckham to the L.A. Galaxy since it marked the first international stud to make their way over to the U.S. to play soccer in a decade or so. And if you remember correctly, I also predicted that this U.S. experiment would have little to no effect on the overall popularity of soccer in the United States as a whole. The sport would continue on, unnoticed, and Victoria (Posh Spice) would get bored of us Americans.

Guess who was right?

The L.A. Galaxy are handing David Beckham over to the AC Milan on loan on Jan. 7 as “he seeks to maintain his fitness during the Major League Soccer off-season,” which just means Beckham is trying to find his way back to the European Pitch where he can play some competitive soccer again. According to, Beckham’s endorsements fell 6.6 percent since he joined the Galaxy in 2007 which means that his move to the U.S. has not increased his marketability on U.S. soil significantly enough to offset his loss of the market share in Europe. And for any businessman, that’s a problem. So, Beckham is going to return to Europe to try and salvage his name and his reputation in hopes that he can get back to making some serious cash and play in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. As of right now, playing in a second-rate league like the MLS is not helping his case to make England’s national squad.

As for U.S. Soccer? Well, it’s still boring. And we just proved that not even David Beckham can solve that problem.


One thought on “Beckham Leaves, U.S. Soccer Still Unnoticed

  1. 1. David Beckham's market campaign has been very effective. There were few days during that last season that you didn't hear about David Beckham or see David Beckham as he talked about MLS. He was on every talk show and magazine cover. The L.A. Galaxy despite having two of the World's best (David Beckham and Landon Donovan) was lacking in defense. Despite doing a great job of scoring goals had a sieve in their goal. I'm fairly sure they will fix this between seasons. Once they have this fixed – they will have a dangerous team. David Beckham going on load to AC Milan is a good idea. 2. MLS is continuing to grow. I've lived in Europe for 11 years and a lot of soccer. MLS is young and growing league. It's as exciting as any league in the World. The quality of play continues to improve. Attendance is higher and would be significantly higher but is skewed downward by a couple of teams who are in temporarily stadiums (i.e. Kansas City currently playing in a minor league baseball stadium until their soccer specific stadium is built). The capacity is < 10,000. Television coverage and viewing is increasing.


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