Awesome Foul

Seems The Big Shaqtus is not the only NBA person who likes to put on a good prank every once in awhile.

But who knew stoic San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich had a sense of humor?

Seems he called for Michael Finley to employ a HackaShaq foul mere seconds into the first game of the season. You can see Shaq looking around confused and then start to mad dog the Spurs’ bench when he sees a childlike Pop grinning ear to ear flashing two thumbs up.

Shaq criticized Coach Popovich during their playoffs last year for employing the practice liberally. For those of you that just learned what basketball is, Shaq does not shoot free throws well so late in the game, if a team is behind they will foul O’Neal knowing that statistics show it is probable that they will get the ball back after Shaq misses the shot.

It is my opinion that this is Popovich’s second prank of the season. You check out that dead muskrat he’s calling a beard?


One thought on “Awesome Foul

  1. intrinsic –while the prank was “B*E*A*utiful” (I saw it on Sportscenter, not on one of the 44 televised NBA games of TNT or ESPN already this season), I must warn you about the whole glass houses metaphor – when one can grow beard, then one can judge others – snicker, snicker, tee hee, guffaw! of course the hypocritical part of this admonition is i can’t get it grow on my mug any better than kaman of the clips –


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