NBA Preseason Or And 1 Game? You Decide

When I first saw this dunk, I thought maybe it was past 11 pm and I had forgotten to turn off ESPN. I was looking for the Professor to double dribble, carry the ball, do that “Uh oh I’m throwing the ball at your face” Globetrotter move at the other end.

Then I realized I was in fact viewing the Lakers in their preaseason game.

I know you haters are already loading up with, “Intrinsic, you’re so old the game has passed you by” smack to which I say………. Pssshhhttt……….please.

I love this stuff as much as any 15 year old, when I am not watching a pro team play.

Just another reason I dislike all professional sports’ preseason play.

And no, I don’t know who had next.


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