College Football: the undefeateds that remain

This past Saturday was a big day in college football, featuring two different games between undefeated opponents. So it is time for BiCoastal Bias to put it all into perspective for you. Here is my run down of the remaining undefeated team in the FBS. I’ll tell you who is legit, who is not, and who might be somewhere in between.

TEXAS The new number one. They beat Oklahoma 45-35 on Saturday. If you played that game over, my guess is Oklahoma would win the next one. Lucky for Texas, they won’t have to play Oklahoma a second time. Though they’ve got plenty of teams standing between them and a national championship game: Mizzou next week will be looking to bounce back from their loss, then they’ve got the currently undefeated Oklahoma State and Texas Tech in consecutive weeks (more on them further down the page). The road is going to be tough, but so far, Texas has done everything they were supposed to do. Verdict: LEGIT.

ALABAMA Once again, a team that has done everything we could ask of it. They flat out embarrassed the Georgia Bulldogs in a big national game, maybe we shouldn’t have been so surprised when they had a let down the following week against Kentucky and barely squeaked by 17-14. What lies ahead? A surprisingly easy SEC schedule! This team gets to skip Florida (until the conference title game), a ranked Vandy team, and the sometimes tough South Carolina. They’ve got LSU and Auburn in November, but other than that they face few challenges. Verdict: LEGIT.

PENN STATE This might shock all of my regular readers, but I actually like this Big 10 team. The Nittany Lions made a statement on Saturday, going into Wisconsin and winning 48-7. Of course, it would be a lot easier for me to get on board if they had a bigger non-conference victory to speak of, although they did trounce Oregon State, before Oregon went on to beat USC. Anyways, if they run the table in the Big 10, I am almost willing to accept this team into the national championship game . . . unless of course both Alabama and a Big 12 team go undefeated as well. Verdict: LEGIT.

TEXAS TECH The Red Raiders needed overtime to win a home game against Nebraska. Honestly, I have no idea why both the USA Today and the AP have this team in the top 7. THey still have to face every single one of the top Big 12 teams, so they’ll get knocked off sooner rather than later. Verdict: ABSOLUTELY NOT LEGIT.

OKLAHOMA STATE I tuned into Oklahoma State’s game against Mizzou Saturday night in hopes of seeing a great game between two undefeateds. Instead, this game was just plain ugly. Chase Daniels flushed his Heisman hopefuls down the drain, but Oklahoma State didn’t exactly impress either. Maybe this is unfair, maybe I should be giving Oklahoma State credit for beating what I consider to be a very good Missouri team – but I just can’t give it to them. They’ll have plenty of chances to impress me down the road. Verdict: DOUBTFUL.

BYU and UTAH This is turning out to be the year for the MWC. There are enough strong teams in this conference that whoever of these two teams that emerges undefeated will absolutely have a place in a BCS bowl. Of course, the question remains as to how they’ll do against the big dogs – you never know. Verdict: LEGIT and LEGIT.

BOISE STATE The only impressive win on their schedule has been Oregon, and unfortunately for them, the only impressive conference game they have remaining will be Fresno State in the final week of the season. This is not the same team that won the Fiesta Bowl two years ago, but people still want to give this current team credit for the old Boise State accomplishments. Verdict: UNDECIDED.

BALL STATE I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen this team play, and probably won’t get a chance to unless things get really interesting. Verdict: NO IDEA.


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