Maybe the NFC East ain’t that good

Just a few days ago, it was the consensus among NFL analysts that the NFC east was the best division in football, with the Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins all going to the playoffs, and the Eagles being the remaining member left in the cold.

Then this weekend happened, and we remembered that we’re only six weeks into the season and it is way to early to start assigning playoff positions. The Cowboys lost to Arizona (ouch), the Redskins lost to St. Louis (double ouch), and as I write this the Giants look miserable against Cleveland. Only the Eagles salvaged a win, beating San Francisco.

The division that impressed me this weekend was the NFC south. Tampa Bay has a pretty good team, and Atlanta continues to surprise. Carolina has shown that they can beat up on lesser teams (something the east can’t do, apparently). And of course, you can’t count out the Saints.

I expect to see a shake up in the NFC over the next few weeks.


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