MMA Knocks Out The Internet

Internet street fighter and hyped MMA phenom Kimbo Slice was knocked out by Seth Petruzelli 10 seconds into the first round in tonight’s EliteXC bout.

Originally, Slice was to have faced off against MMA legend Ken Shamrock in this, his 4th fight in a cage. Shamrock opened a cut above his eye earlier in the day while warming up that required 6 stitches to close, whereby causing Shamrock’s elimination by governing fight doctors.

Before this fight Seth Petruzelli was best known for being on the 2nd season of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter, as well as a brief career in the UFC. He had taken the last year off from competition, and was looking to get back to action in an undercard performance.

Instead, he took the last minute offer to fight Kimbo and took down the EliteXC’s chosen marketing cornerstone. The burning question is whether or not he killed a fight promotion (EliteXC) in the process.


2 thoughts on “MMA Knocks Out The Internet

  1. So do you think this fight was rightfully stopped by the ref? I don’t know enough about MMA to judge. I always thought that the lack of these referee TKO’s would be what put UFC above boxing, this match disappoints me.


  2. Personally, I do think the ref was right to stop it when he did. The fact that Kimbo decided to keep wrestling the ref thinking he was Petruzelli supports my opinion I feel. There is a swell of Kimboites that believe he was robbed, but sometimes that happens in MMA. Refs will err on the side of safety and the moment they feel someone is not intelligently defending themselves, they will call it.The match was disappointing, but does still prove that there is much more to MMA than bullies beating up someone. Being strong in one discipline will get you your head handed to you.Thanks for the comment!MMA Daddy


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