Divisional Series Predictions

Since I am the only Sports Frappe contributor who has the potential of actually picking the World Series winner based off of our spring training picks, I’ll do you the favor and give you the predictions for how the divisional series will turn out.

Dodgers vs. Cubs

I have to admit that I have the advantage of already seeing game one in this series.  I would have guessed that the Cubs would have handled their business in Chicago before they went out to the West Coast, but losing game one moves my prediction from a four game series to a five gamer.  All in all, there isn’t much of a reason to assume that the Cubs would let this series get away from them.  That’s what it makes it a little scary when it comes down to it.  Scrappy teams that aren’t expected to do much come October can roll like nobody’s business.  But with the quality of pitching the Cubs put out (although Dempster looked like crap tonight), I have to give them the advantage.  Torre and Ramirez’s can only take the Dodgers so far, and in this case, it will be just short.  Cubs in 5.

Phillies vs. Brewers:

I’m a big fan of momentum in this case, and the way the Brewers came through in the clutch means a lot to me.  I know the popular pick here is Phillies in 4 (and they’ve already won game 1 by this post), but I’m not so ready to give into the experts that easily.  CC Sabathia has proven that he can carry this team for at least two games, but that means they have to make it to game 5 for Sabathia to pitch again.  Which means either Bush or Suppan will have to pitch well in games three or four to force game five.  Not exactly the two guys I would want to bank my postseason dreams on.  In the last month Suppan hasn’t even made it out of the 6th inning for an awesome 8.44 ERA, no wins, and 3 losses in 5 starts. Bush wasn’t much better with a 4.50 ERA, no wins, and 1 loss in 5 starts (6 appearances).  Exclude that first start in September and you see a sub 4 ERA with no decisions.  It’s a gamble for sure, but I think Bush can do it.  Brewers in 5.

Red Sox vs. Angels:

As an Angel fan, I have to admit my bias here.  My preseason picks don’t reflect it though since I didn’t even think they would win their division let alone have the best record in baseball.  But somehow, someway, the Angels got it done this season.  Throw in the addition of Teixiera, the overall health of the Angels lineup, and the lack of health from the Red Sox and I think the Angels can finally take care of their Red Sox woes.  So this one is a test for sure, especially since the Green Monster is a recurring figure in my nightmares.  Crossing my fingers and knocking on wood: Angels in 4.

White Sox vs. Rays:

This is where the momentum factor really comes into play this postseason.  The White Sox fumbled around until it came to do or die time.  They then won three straight to put themselves in the playoffs, which is reminicent of the Rockies last year (in a much different way).  But the Rays are too stoked and too strong to let this first round get away from them, plus I’m a Maddon fan.  The White Sox have got to be a little tired, so I’ll give the advantage to the Rays:  Rays in 4

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some baseball to watch.


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