What I Would Say If I Were Pete Carroll

A brief post inspiration backstory:

I met with a friend yesterday who is a very vocal USC fan. I see him every Saturday and I was quietly tracking his streak of wearing USC logoed t shirts the last few weeks.

This time when he got out of his car, I could tell he was now looking forward to the NBA season, as he was sporting his favorite NBA team’s shirt.

I asked him where his USC shirt was which opened a verbal floodgate of despair and ruined hopes for the season by him. Hehehe……….perfect, I was thinking.

I acted like I was concerned, but made sure I drug him through every detail. Especially since he had almost made me cry (in front of other dudes) in 2005 with his mean spirited diatribes over this game.

I really was bummed since I had hoped there would be a rematch at the end of the season for all the BCS marbles. I just do not have the smack arsenal built up at this early point in the season, especially after witnessing last season’s crazy season of upsets and knockoffs.

Our conversation turned to the sham that college football is where, due to no playoffs, it usually means you are perfect………….or frustrated. Teams work hard and then when a loss occurs early on, the goal is most likely unreachable.

We then decided to put on Coach Carroll’s sweatshirt and come up with what we would tell the team.

He went first with some good motivational footballisms and the need to play hard for their teammates, and so on.

But I liked what I came up with, as I knew I would, since I am pretty much my biggest fan:

“The only thing we lost this week fellas was the control of our own destinies. Now we will have to rely on outside factors to put us in the position to recover our season’s dream. But we must prepare and play hard to put ourselves in position to take advantage if and when that door opens.

But for the rest of this week, I want you to dwell on how bad this loss feels. And resolve within yourself to never feel this way again this season. Then we will put it behind us, and work even harder.”

It was all I could do to refrain from dropping a “get back up on that horse” in there. It gives me chills how good that is.

I need to check on the domain name http://www.intrinsiccoachisms.com/. I think I have a future in this.


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