The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Begins Tomorrow

Season 8 of the UFC’s classic reality series The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) begins tomorrow night on Spike TV at 10 pm.

This latest installment is directly after Spike TV’s pay free offering of UFC Fight Night Live at 8 pm.

In order to eliminate the publicity poser phenomenon that plagued the first 6 seasons, Season 8 will have the same “fight for the right” mini tournament at the beginning that proved successful in Season 7. Fighters have to win a fight win a spot on the show.
There will be 16 fighters matching up in each weight class of Lightweight (155 pounds) and Light Heavyweight (205 pounds) in the first two episodes, with the winners of those bouts earning the right to be on the show.

16 fighters will try to coexist in the same house without the outside influences of reading materials, TV, radio, internet, music, or phone contact.

Former Heavyweight (206 – 265 pounds) champ Frank Mir and current interim Heavyweight champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will act as coaches for the two teams each consisting of 8 Lightweights and 8 Light Heavyweights. The season will culminate with final bouts for each weight class where the prize is a 6 figure contract in the UFC.

The coaches will matchup soon after the finale at a UFC event to determine who will fight for the Heavyweight title against the winner of the UFC 91 matchup on November 15 against Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture.

This series should prove to be action and drama packed as the mixed martial artists compete to make their UFC dreams a reality. Whether you are a seasoned mma vet or a relative newbie to the sport, this is a great way to get a weekly mma fix.

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