How Do You Say "Get Off The Ice" In Bulgarian?

In the midst of my fear that Lance Armstrong’s return to competitive cycling would spark another Favre like tempest of discussion, speculation, and ridiculousness, I came across this story just solid enough to soothe my concerns.

Over the weekend, the Bulgarian women’s hockey got served 82-0 in a 2010 Winter Olympics women’s ice hockey qualifier match against Slovakia.

I know, three questions ensue:

1) Why are qualifiers for the 2010 Olympics being played already?

2) Was there not a big Bulgarian chick anywhere in the house that they could have sat in goal?

3) Drug test please?

Here’s the hilarious score by period: 1st Period – 31-0; 2nd Period – 55-0; 3rd Period – 82-0.

I have to admit that I wish the NHL would look into what contributed to Slovakia’s success. A little more offense could only help Commissioner Gary Bettman’s league.

If you were Slovakian, was there ever a good time to head to the bathroom? With scoring at that level, I wonder if any goals were scored between periods from the locker room?

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