Don’t Mess With My Boy!

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young sits on the bench with ...If you haven’t heard the latest Vince Young news, this time it’s coming from his mom. Vince Young’s mom says that Young is hurting “inside and out” and doesn’t want to play football any longer.

This comes in response to last week’s game. In the Titans 17 – 10 win over the Jaguars, Young was forced to sit with an injury late in the game and was booed by the crowd in Tennessee. Apparently, someone got their feelings hurt and went straight to their mom to complain and cry.

Okay, that was a low blow. In all seriousness, Young is certainly going through a lot since this is the second time that Young has asserted in one way or another that he has contemplated ending his football career early. He said something similar after his rookie season. For being as talented as he is, one can only infer that Vince Young is struggling with depression since he won the National Championship and moved his skills up to the NFL. Since then, there have been questions about his intelligence, his abilities, and his overall leadership capabilities.

In other words, the dude has been scrutinized and torn a part to a degree that most of us will probably never experience. We can only hope that Vince Young bounces back and resumes his incredible talent on the football field, or else my Madden Football team will be in trouble and I cannot stand for that.


One thought on “Don’t Mess With My Boy!

  1. I agree, the Vince Y. is having a tough time emotionally keeping it together. Perhaps he should look (west to AZ)at the other QB everyone said was better. and this kid hasn’t put up any numbers, other than neighborhood girls coming over for the pool party. Come to think of it, maybe that’s his problem.


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