Bashing the Big Ten … Again

Most of you have been waiting for me to write this blog since . . . yesterday, probably. It’s time for the BiCoastal Bias to weigh in on this Saturday’s USC vs. Ohio State match up.

And, as all of you know already, I’m predicting a USC victory. In fact, make that a USC blow out. I could say that this is because of Ohio State’s struggles last week and the injury concern regarding the quarterback, but the real reason is that I hate the Big Ten and its inferior form of football.

So, with that taken care of, let’s look ahead and see what kind of impact this game will have down the road when it comes time to talk about the BCS and computers and rankings and all of that garbage. If Ohio State loses to USC, and then goes on to run the table in the Big Ten (which is not a given, Penn State looks pretty good right now), the Big Ten lovers will be clamoring that they deserve a spot in the national championship, seeing as how their one loss is to a top ranked team and this should put them above all other one loss teams.

If USC wins in a blowout this weekend, the pollsters, computer systems, and everyone else in college football should deliver a loud and clear *NO* to Ohio State. This team has to show us that something makes them better than they’ve been the last two years to deserve another shot at the title bout – and this game against USC is a chance for them to do that. But losing handily to USC and then mopping the floor with the Big Ten is just not enough.

Perusing the Big Ten teams’ out-of-conference schedules, there are only so many chances for this conference to prove itself against the other BCS conferences. Illinois lost to Mizzou in week one, and other than this Saturday’s game against USC, they’ve got Purdue vs. Oregon this week and Iowa vs. Pittsburgh next week. This might seem like an unfair way to look at it, but there’s not much else to do. At this point in time (as long as were stuck with the current non-playoff system), the Big Ten should have to prove to the rest of college football that they’re capable of producing a championship caliber football team.

As for the rest of the conferences, the question basically comes down to – How do you measure up to the SEC? Yes, the SEC is still on top, deal with it. I’m looking forward to Texas playing Arkansas this week, although it’s still not clear to me if Arkansas would be a victory Texas could brag about; and Arizona State against Georgia next week will be a very interesting match up.


2 thoughts on “Bashing the Big Ten … Again

  1. The Big Ten is worthless. It has ZERO tradition and has NEVER produced a real NFL player. Any lackluster player you may mention, there is better player from another conference. The Big Ten is just a glorified Division III confernece, which will be reinforced today.


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