A Little Reactionary

I’m pretty sure every sports fan has heard by now that Tom Brady will have surgery on his injured left knee and miss the rest of the season. You’ve probably also heard members of the sports media drastically over react to this news. Let’s set some things straight.

  1. This was not a dirty play. I saw some Patriots quoted in the paper this morning claiming this very fact. Quarterbacks get hit like this about 3 times a game, and it’s never called a cheap shot then. So the one time out of 200 when that quarterback gets hurt, it shouldn’t be any different. Carson Palmer got hurt on a very similar play in the playoffs a couple years back, and we heard the same thing. It’s a freak injury, people, get over it.
  2. The Patriots will still make the playoffs. I’ve read some sources by writers who think the Patriots can’t win more than eight games. Have you seen their schedule? I’d say they have eight automatic wins, and you know they’re not going to give any games away. If you think about it, every game they play will be better for them than the game they just won against the Chiefs. Brady leaving the field completely took the air out of the team, Randy Moss even said he kept checking the tunnel for Brady every time the crowd made a noise. From here out, they’ll have time to gain confidence in Matt Cassell (or whoever else they find between now and next week). And don’t forget, it was only last year that Brady became the center of this team. Up until then, the Patriots were known for great defense and conservative offense.
  3. The AFC isn’t that wide open. Yes, the Jets now have a much better chance at winning the division, but no other AFC team’s outlook is significantly altered by Brady’s injury. There are still powerhouses in every division. Just because the Colts and the Chargers lost week one games doesn’t mean the standings are going to turn themselves upside down.
  4. And while I’m at it, how ’bout some Monday Night Football notes . . .
    As for Mike & Mike doing the announcing for the second game – guys, I love your radio show, but you’re terrible in the booth. I’m sorry, I tell the truth because I care.
    Can someone tell me why Tavaris Jackson is so consistently bad? He can run, he can throw, he appears to have all the tools. So why can’t he complete passes to his own team?
    The Aaron Rodgers era has begun in Green Bay, and he had a great game. But everytime the camera closed in on him I kept asking myself – Is that Ryan from The Office?

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