High Flying Jayhawks

You have to imagine that the University of Kansas is probably a little embarrassed by the news that former stars of the 2008 NCAA championship team Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur have been thrown out of rookie camp after being caught with some ladies and marijuana in their hotel room. As a result, both players will be fined $20,000 apiece, will have to attend rookie camp next year, and could possibly start the regular season on the suspended list.

Are his eyes bloodshot here?

I suppose the only people who might be more embarrassed aside from these two Jayhawks and their former university is the University of Memphis. I mean, how would it feel to know that the guy who sank the clutch shot to send the championship game into overtime was probably motivated by a case of the munchies. I’m just saying, everyone knows the championship team post-game spread is way better than the runner-up’s, and it’s a known fact that if you got a case of the munchies, you will do anything to get your hands on some funyuns.


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