Sports Douche Of The Week

I cannot believe that MoneyMouth tried to steal my feature. I was just about to post a SDOTW when I saw that he tried to rip it from me.

Anyway this week’s award goes to no other than the Dodger’s bitter 2nd baseman, Jeff Kent. It seems that tough guy Kent decided to diss sports icon and Hall Of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully.

Ty Cobb thinks Jeff Kent is too tightly wound.

What is Kent thinking? And what is wrong with his psyche that he has to taint what probably will be a Hall Of Fame career by acting like he’s 2?

L.A. Times columnist T.J. Simers interviewed Kent and commented on the fact that since outfielder Manny Ramirez arrived and batted after Kent that he had been batting .500. Then Kent, referring to Scully stating the same fact during a broadcast, said “Vin Scully talks too much.” He then went on to say that people saying that (batting in front of Manny helped his performance) diminished his career and his hard work.

He went ahead and threw a verbal jab at the media while he was at it.

“It’s so pathetic,” he said. “You guys write about things happening in a week’s time. That’s why we don’t like you. Baseball is a six-month game.”

Wow, thanks for the clarification JK. Seems you preferred being on a crappy team (last season) where you could be the top guy in the clubhouse, ragging on the young guys and poisoning the chemistry amongst the younger studs whose talent intimidated you.

You just don’t like it when people come up on you while you’re in your rocker knitting shawls.

Barry Bonds was better than you in San Fran. Manny is definitely better than you and a million times more fun to watch. Instead of riding the gift horse that management provided you in your last season (his batting average has risen 20 points since Manny joined the team), you looked it square in the mouth all the while acting like the other end of that same horse.

Then you choose to take away any doubt that you’re a jerk by disrespecting baseball royalty in Mr. Scully.

Enjoy your award Kent.

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2 thoughts on “Sports Douche Of The Week

  1. Kent is not sports douche of the week. He is sports of the millenium. He owes his success to where he bats. Bonds and Manny are two of the best players in terms of forcing a pitcher to pitch to the guy in front of him. Instead of insulting Scully and Manny and Colletti, Kent could have just said “Having Manny in the lineup helps everyone and is really making us a better team.” Instead, as he’s always been, Kent was a douche.


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