Olympics Top 3

I, like most of you, have been watching a lot of Olympics lately, so here are my top 3 thoughts from the twenty-ninth olympiad.

  1. Gymnastics will only break your heart. Since the Olympics only comes round once every four years, I figure it won’t kill me to watch a little gymnastics. And every Olympics, I’m reminded of just how frustrating this sport is to watch. This year they’ve changed the scoring system, but the same old problems remain. The judging makes no sense. I think we the fans should be entitled to see a detailed report from each judge as to why they gave the score they gave. Otherwise, this sport comes off as a gigantic scam, which is unfortunate because of the amazing things the gymnasts are doing out there.
    Here is an idea that I think the sport of gymnastics should seriously consider – narrow the field down to the top 4, and then turn the competition into a gymnastic game of H-O-R-S-E. Let’s say we’re doing floor exercises. One at a time, each gymnast takes turns doing his/her one trick or combination. The rest of the gymnasts try to mimic it, if they fail, they get a letter, last one standing wins. It totally takes the judging aspect out of it, we just need a panel to confirm that the gymnast succeeded or failed – it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down.
    Don’t even get me started on their ridiculous tie-breaking system.
  2. Michael Phelps is the best ever, but . . . do we really need an interview with him every single night? After every gold medal it was the same question from Andrea Kramer, “Tell us what makes this medal so important to you.” I can’t blame NBC, though, Phelps was absolutely the most talked about man in the first half of the Olympics, and just the promise of hearing him talk kept me tuning in every night. The thing I keep hearing from regular folks is how much we hope he’s clean – it would be devastating to find out that this guy was on the juice. I also hope he’s got a therapist lined up to help him deal with the post-Olympic let down that he experienced last time. I am actually very excited to hear him say he’s going to keep competing and maybe add some new events, such as the backstroke. It is very cool to hear a top athlete say he just wants to keep challenging himself.
  3. The Chinese. I am not a person who swells with nationalistic fervor – but the Olympics will bring that out of anyone. And this year, it is the Chinese who have got me fired up, simply because I’m sick of the U.S. losing to them! Sure, we have more overall medals, but they are crushing us in golds. I am especially looking forward to Thursday’s gold medal volleyball match – simply in hopes that a Misty May spike might end up planted in Tian Jia or Wang Jie’s face. If China ends up beating us in beach volleyball – a sport properly played in bikinis, how much more American can you get? – then their domination will be complete.

3 thoughts on “Olympics Top 3

  1. HORSE? SRSLY?Why even bother? This whole competition just feels ‘icky’ to me, because of how political it is. You have a strong-fisted communist government hell bent on showing the world how elite their country is by any means possible. Send off your athletes at 3 years old to train for the competition? Check. Need a fake passport to circumvent the rules? Check. Need a lip syncing little girl? Check. I’m sorry… I’d rather deal with overpaid prima donna’s and the occasional Tim Donaghy’s than a nationalistic competition that seeks to prove national superiority. I just don’t have it in me.


  2. All of your complaints are specifically about China and not about the Olympics in general. And I don’t think that the American gymnasts are striving for “national superiority,” I think they’re pretty interested in their own athletic accomplishments just as much as Kobe Bryant is.So yes, HORSE, SRSLY. It’s the answer to all our problems, think about it.


  3. The picture you used for this blog kinda freaks me out.Also, I thought about HORSE when watching the floor exercise the other night, but it would be best used as a tie breaker instead of the entire judging. Personally, I miss the perfect 10, and something should be done to bring that back.


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