That’s Not Baseball

The U.S. Olympic baseball team lost yesterday to Cuba, 5 to 4, in extra-innings in what should be called an imitation of what baseball is supposed to be. After 10 innings of knotted baseball, the game headed into the first instance of the Olympic tiebreaker system, also known as the bizarro world.

In the Olympic bizarro baseball world, when teams are tied after 10 innings each team starts their half-inning with runners on first and second and no outs. The manager is also allowed to start their lineup at any place they choose. Cuba scored two runs in the top of the 11th, and the U.S. only managed to score one, losing this joke of a tiebreaker system, not to mention losing one of their players (Jayson Nix) to a fouled pitch that came up and struck him in the eye.

Did someone forget to tell the Olympic committee that baseball already has a tiebreaker system? It’s called extra-innings, and quite honestly it’s worked just fine for about a 100 years.

…and then again…

Maybe this is what the MLB All-Star game should be doing. After ten innings of knotted baseball, start each half-inning with an additional runner on base until in the 13th inning (and there after) the bases are loaded. And if it’s really needed, start adding outs after the 13th inning. It would be perfect! We’ve already established that the All-Star game is a parody of itself, why not make the game they play a parody of the game they play during the regular season? I’m just saying, it would be a lot better than the ridiculous paradoxical system we have in place right now.


One thought on “That’s Not Baseball

  1. When I saw that these were the rules they were implementing for the Olympics, I immediately thought that they should totally do this in the All Star game. Why not? They already use something similar in college softball where runs are ever so hard to come by.


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