Michelle Wie Still Can’t Cut It

Michelle Wie is getting desperate again and has announced that she will tee up at next week’s PGA Tour event, the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open. This will mark her 8th time playing on the PGA Tour, and **PREDICTION** will mark her eighth time she has missed the cut on the PGA Tour. I know, not a very bold prediction, but it’s my job to tell the truth.

It was just around 2 years ago that I was criticizing her for trying to compete with the men when she couldn’t even compete with the women on the LPGA. I still hold those sentiments for the very same reasons that she has yet to win an LPGA event and therefore doesn’t deserve to set foot on the men’s tour. While she was “close” last week when she was a shot off the lead going into the final round, she was disqualified when they found out that she had forgotten to sign her scorecard after Friday’s second round.

Time is running out for Wie. Because of her performance in this year’s LPGA Tour, she is about $80,000 short of securing a card for the 2009 Tour, which will probably require a top-three finish in her final tournament. Otherwise, it’s back to playing in qualifying stages in hopes of doing it that way. While Wie had signaled that she would not play in the qualifying rounds because they would conflict with school, her dad seems to be the realist here saying, “What other options do we have?”

Answer: Give it up.


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