NBA Loophole

After this year’s NBA draft, it has become rather obvious that the NBA’s new age requirement has resulted in a lot of college freshmen declaring for the draft instead of a bunch of high school seniors declaring for the draft. The NBA draft rule put into place two years ago requires for all new players to be out of high school for at least one year and be 19 years old before being eligible for the draft. And while this may appear to be an improvement on the surface (I mean, at least these kids are getting a year of college to grow up a little), it really has done nothing to improve these players’ situations and the real beneficiaries appear to be the athletic programs and their bottom lines.

That is, until Brandon Jennings realized there was another way. The class of 2008’s top rated point guard is reportedly going to take his baller, shot-caller skills to Europe to play for a year before entering in the 2009 NBA draft. Jennings, who had originally signed to play for Arizona next year, will now be able to get paid and pursue sneaker deals while the rest of 2008 graduates will probably be stuck “attending” classes.

While there is no word on who Jennings might end up signing with and it is far too early to evaluate if this is a good move or not, I have to suspect that we will be seeing a number of other highly rated high school graduates making the similar move to European basketball in the future, if not this year. It only makes since for these guys who are virtual locks for NBA ball and want to get in the money right away. And for all you naysayers who think this is a back step in these players’ education, just pretend it’s a study abroad program and we’ll call it a day.


2 thoughts on “NBA Loophole

  1. This kid is a trail blazer. It’s only a matter of time before Sterling gets jealous and reduces the age requirement. Just imagine this kids enjoying it so much there he says….


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