The Spaniards Are Coming

It doesn’t take a keen eye to recognize the fact that the Spanish are on a role right now when it comes to international sports. It was just over a week ago that the Spaniards were celebrating a One-Nil victory over Germany in the Euro 2008 Finals, led by the young Fernando Torres and incredible goal keeping skills of Iker Casillas. I can only guess that Spain was on cloud 9 as they hoisted the cup for the first time and ended a 44 year long drought in international play.

But now they can celebrate another impressive victory by another Spaniard: Rafeal Nadal. The 22 yeard old Spanish native beat Roger Federer at Wimbledon yesterday in what many tennis fans are calling the most incredible match they have ever seen. And this comes just a month after Nadal beat Federer at the French Open for the title in dominating fashion.

And just when you though it couldn’t get any better for the Spaniards, Alejandro Valverde of Spain has been an early leader in the Tour de France, although Romain Feillu of France has taken over the lead today after stage 3.

With all this domination, I have to wonder how the Spaniards will show in the upcoming Olympics. Could we see a shifting of power when it comes to the international sporting community? Well, probably not, but it’s fun to think about.


One thought on “The Spaniards Are Coming

  1. Ahhhh some excellent reporting from the Frappe, alas.Great to read something on European football and some great cycling action from the Pyranees. You Rock Mouth!!!A great match in Wimbledon by Nadal. Haven’t seen such dominant Spaniard on the grass since Lucilla Gonzalaz in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. GO SPAIN! If they dominate in Beijing–I’ll go to Spain to do the work ordinary Spaniards will not do!!Anon.


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