L.A. Story Day 3

The Los Angeles Clippers of Los Angeles are providing this summer’s drama that is television worthy. For Fox anyway.

Wilkommen Herr Kaman! Wir haben schnitzel und hasenpfeffer.

Chris Kaman better bone up on his German in case he hears that.

If you haven’t heard, L.A. Clippers Center Chris Kaman took and passed the test for German citizenship. Now he plans to play for Germany in the upcoming Olympic competition.

I’ve had a number of discussions on this today already and it seems this is one of those topics that clearly delineates the schools. The Old School vs. New School.

It really goes deeper than that. Younger people seem to have no reaction to it. Older people may reach out and grab you in anger.

As always, let Uncle Intrinsic break it down for you. The real separation falls to whether you lived during the Cold War or not. Coldies (people that grew up during the period) are more apt to see this as unpatriotic (better dead than red), than warmies (post cold war) that grew up during the one world era.

What will the Clippers do tomorrow to entertain us?

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