What’s The Price Of Seattle’s Resolve? $75 Million

Ever since Oklahoma City got a taste of having an NBA franchise play in their city from 2005-2007, they have been jonesing for more like a crack addict.

You might recall that after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans that OKC became the temporary home of the Hornets. The City’s residents accepted and supported the team like Mike Brady opening his arms to Marsha, Jan, and Cindy. It was seamless, and extraordinary. It shocked the NBA, and seemed difficult for all included when the time came to set the team free to return to the Big Easy.

What in the world would OKC do with all that newfound pride and professional sports cred?

Enter oil maverick Clay Bennett onto the scene. He couldn’t have seemed more John Wayne-like if he would have hopped off a horse and chain smoked unfiltered cigarettes.

He and his group Professional Basketball Club LLC purchased the Seattle Supersonics from Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz in 2006 for $350 million. Speculation began immediately that despite what he said, that Bennett wanted to move the team to OKC.

This theory gained momentum when Bennett began leveraging relocation of the team if the a new arena wasn’t built replacing the dinosaur KeyArena facility.

Just prior to a ruling by by a judge on the matter, Bennett spoke a few words in Seattle’s native language: $75 million.

The team name and colors will not be making the trip with the team. The City of Seattle is still holding on to the hope that they can attract a team by ressurecting KeyArena with the initial $30 million payment.


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