Just Like That……The Clippers’ Brand Is Again In Peril

It’s a perfect tale for Tinsel Town: Team steals player to gain legitimacy. Victimized team then tries to counter steal thieving team’s all star.

No problem that the Clippers’ Elton Brand received a job offer from the Golden State Warriors today, right? I mean, just yesterday the Clips ripped the Warriors’ best player out from under them in Baron Davis. Surely Brand would like to stay put now that he has a supporting cast around him that could take him to the promise land, right?

There’s just one not-so-small matter. Brand would have to forego $20 million. It’s easy for average joe sports fans like you and me to say Brand should go for the ring. If a competing company offered to 22% more to work for them, would you do it? If you were making $70 an hour and they offered you $90 would you think, “I am really looking forward to helping the company hit their goal of the highest revenues ever?”

I didn’t think so. I have to say, I never saw this coming. I thought maybe they would focus on Wizards free agent Gilbert Arenas. I guess the Warriors love them some Monta Ellis, who runs point for them now.

You gotta love another Los Angeles based NBA summer drama.


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