You Know How I Be………….

In case you were living in a cave today, Shaq O’Neal jumped on a stage yesterday and decided to go 10 Cent and “freestyle”. During this flow he dissed Patrick Ewing and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, dropped N bombs, dropped the Diddy name, and referred to women in a typical rap manner.

He saved the focus of his rapful wrath for none other than his arch nemesis Kobe Bryant. No surprise really as he stated that Kobe couldn’t do “it” (referring to winning a championship) without him, that Kobe was the cause of his divorce, and in a quasi chorus asked Kobe how his…….well……..derriere tasted.

This is reprehensible.

And not for the reasons that you assume the senior member of the Sports Frappe would cite.

If you don’t know it, IntrinsicBent’s rap game is strong. Shaq’s alleged “freestyle” is unforgivable on a rap basis. Let me help you here.

Being a multimillionaire, stepping on a stage, sporting a crazy big BIG necklace and not rhyming in pseudo ebonics does not a freestyler make.

Check some of this out:

“If Biggy was still here, he would be right there.”

“He said Shaq gave a b**** a mill, I don’t do that, because my name’s Shaquille.”

“I call myself Big because I live next to Diddy.”

“Stop, think about that… ain’t about that.”

“It’s about B.I.G. aka big Shaq.”

He rhymed no fewer lines than 7 in a row all ending in “me”.

Shaq joined the NBA and almost instantly embarked on a Sybil As A Little Boy journey which saw him act in movies, rap on cd’s, win big boy NBA Titles in L.A. and Miami, become a cop, all while claiming he was Superman.

He’s one fireman and baseball player away from achieving everything your average 7th grade dude population would like to be. The whole 7th grade dude population that is.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb for all you rap greenhorns that “don’t have skills like me.”: if someone drops a Tupac, B.I.G., or Biggie reference in one of their raps, they are a poser………guaranteed.

Check out rappin’ Shaq over at


2 thoughts on “You Know How I Be………….

  1. Big D:YOu got time on your hands can I send you (4)6/30 Tix with A’s vs. Ang.? Let me know before I go looking for your family in EuropeAB


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