NBA Finals Game 4

The story of these 2008 NBA Finals will revolve around tonight’s game 4 – unless the Lakers can top the Celtics 24 point comeback by coming back from a 3 games to 1 deficit.

This was one of those NBA games that is really hard to categorize. The Celtics played absolutely terribly from the tip off until about midway through the second quarter. The Lakers capitalized on it pretty well. From that point on, things balanced out with the Lakers keeping a hefty double digit lead until part way through the third quarter, when the Celtics began to steadily chip away at the Lakers’ lead.

Usually, when there’s a statistically improbable come back like this one, the winning team went on some sort of jaw dropping scoring run. Not so tonight. The Celtics continually tinkered with their lineup, clearly trying to get as many shooters on the floor as they could, and they just continually made more stops than the Lakers did.

I think the biggest difference between these two teams is the Celtics’ bench: they’ve got a handful of players who will come into any situation, play great defense, and pull the trigger on big shots without anxiety. I’m talking about House, Posey, and Powe.

I think in game 5, we can expect a very frustrated Lakers team to take the court. For the next three days, they’re going to have to hear all about their own historic loss. The question is, how will they respond? You know that a frustrated Kobe is only going to score more points, but as is usually the case in basketball, it all depends on the supporting cast.


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