My Once a Year NHL Post

We’ve had a few of you Frappe-heads make mention of the fact that we here at the Frappe rarely cover hockey. We readily admit this fact; and while I can’t speak for my blogging associates, I can tell you that on my part this exclusion isn’t because of any personal disdain for the sport of hockey. Hockey is easily as exciting as any other sport ever invented, and watching the NHL always leaves me mystified as to how these guys are able to maneuver the puck like they do.

The reasons I don’t normally cover hockey are quite basic, really. Number one, I can never find that cable channel it’s usually played on. I know it’s somewhere between re-runs of Seinfeld and the infomercial for knives that can cut cans, but I usually get lost looking for it. Number two (and more importantly), I only have so much time to devote toward watching sports. I know I might disillusion many of my regular readers when I say this – but writing blogs for the Sports Frappe is not a full time job. Unfortunately, hockey often draws the short straw.

But I do make exceptions when it comes to tuning into the National Hockey League – and tonight’s triple overtime elimination game for the Stanley Cup is one of them. I began watching this game during the second overtime – so 80 minutes of ice time had already passed me by. To my credit, I had intended to watch the beginning, but my wife got me hooked on this year’s NCAA softball world series (expect some future blogs to come out of that), and then after that I realized that a dude I went to college with is participating in a network reality television show. So I showed up to this Stanley Cup party a bit late.

But maybe that was to my own benefit, since I probably couldn’t have handled six periods of hockey back to back. And if I originally tuned in for Sidney Crosby, it was Marc-Andre Fleury who kept me around (literally). This 23 year old Pittsburgh goaltender had 55 saves compared to only 28 by his Detroit counterpart. It is the youth of this Pittsburgh team that makes their success so exciting.

After nearly 110 minutes of hockey, Detroit’s Jiri Hudler got 4 minutes in the box for high sticking; but Penguin Petr Sykora needed only 30 seconds to put in the game winning goal. This sends the Stanley Cup back to Pittsburgh with Detroit leading 3 games to 2. I better turn the game on a little earlier next time, it might not go to three overtimes.


2 thoughts on “My Once a Year NHL Post

  1. Just where is it that you are incarcerated Bi-Coast?I and my other friend are already talking trades and moves to improve our hockey teams. I really thought the boys at the frappe can afford to put a full time Hockey specialist on staff. If not hockey, what about international soccer?Anon


  2. Hey Anon (If that is your real name),Why don’t you step up and start writing on hockey and… football instead of just drinking the gravy that the Frappe produces.You’ve already stepped up to call BC out which shows a pair is present, and that’s the first criteria to write here.Contact us at the email shown on our Disneyland of a sports blog, and we will let you know what the next step is.Don’t be found lacking.Intrinsic


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