Road to the Finals

It’s official, we’ll be seeing another historic match up between the L.A. Lakers and the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. Looking back at my own prognostications, I was perfect in the East, where I simply stated that there would be no upsets, and there weren’t. It turns out, I should have gone with the same strategy in the Western conference, where the only lower seed to win a series was the 3 seeded Spurs beating the 2 seeded Hornets (I had them both losing in the first round, oops).

Most of you are coming to the BiCoastal Bias for my take on this Finals match up – for the simple reason that Southern California vs. New England is my area of expertise (it’s in my name, get it?). Neither team has faced a team as good as the team they will face in this the final round. I expect every game to be a trade off in domination between the Celtics defense and Kobe’s offense. In the end, Celtics in seven.


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