More Bad Publicity for the Patriots

And just when all you Patriots fans were breathing a sigh of relief that Spy Gate could finally be put to rest, out comes some more bad news for you and your beloved coach, Bill Belichick. According to Ross Tucker, a former offensive lineman of the Patriots, he is agreeing with Matt Walsh’s story that the Patriots have used players who were on the IR in practice, a clear violation of NFL policies. While Walsh’s statement was concerning one player in 2001, Tucker says he saw it firsthand after he signed with the team in 2005.

This can only spell bad news for Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Belichick was able to do some fancy footwork to dance his way out of Spy Gate without causing too much damage to himself or his team (although a first round pick is a pretty big deal), but this violation is a well known rule that has no gray area. Practicing a player who has been placed on the injured reserve list is flat out a violation of the rule. Now we just have to wait and see what Roger Goodell does in response to these allegations. If they are true, and I suspect they are, I have a feeling that Goodell’s only option will be to come down with a several game suspension on Belichick if he wants his reputation as a dictator to hold up.

Goodell, you are on the clock.


2 thoughts on “More Bad Publicity for the Patriots

  1. Lame. Either you like the pats or you don’t, and no penalty is going to cost them another championship. Let’s start dredging up every violation from every team over the last decade that we can possibly find. This is just piling on by the haters of the current dynasty.


  2. I think by rule you can’t continue to call a team as a present dynasty if they don’t win the league’s most recent championship. Until they win again, that dynasty’s “present” dimension is in question.Also, I’m just glad to see Belichick get worked over for being so arrogant to think that he can just go around the rules of the league and do what he wants. He was able to sluff off the first infraction as a bad interpretation of the rule on his part, but this one has no back door for him to escape through. Arrogance is not a good trait to have, and I think it’s time Goodell held the standard that he is placing on the players on the coaches as well.


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