Manchester United: The Champions of Europe

Last night, Manchester United faced off versus Chelsea in the biggest soccer match of the year: the European Champions League finals. But since most of you Frappe-heads have no idea what the UEFA is, let’s give a little background.

The UEFA (United European of Football Associations) is the collection of leagues which cover Europe and some of Asia (Russia being the biggest country included). Every year they hold an annual championship among the best teams of each league to crown the Champions of Europe. This means we get to see clubs who wouldn’t normally play each other (except in exhibition games) go head to head. Just imagine if Major League Baseball had a few more leagues, had a playoff system that went on during the regular season, and didn’t have this joke we call interleague play. That’s what the UEFA championship league is like. And since the best teams and best players in the world play in the UEFA, you are bound to see some pretty amazing soccer.

Well, not only did we get to see some amazing soccer last night, we also saw a match up between two of the biggest rivals in soccer. As some have labeled it, Man. U. and Chelsea are like the Red Sox and Yankees of baseball. And they fought a hard battle which saw 8 yellow cards, 1 red card (Drogba slapped Vidic), and 1 broken nose. Cristiano Ronaldo (not to be confused with Ronaldo) scored in the 26th minute with a sweet header and Chelsea’s Lampard responded with a goal of his own shortly before the first half ended. After several close calls, the teams remained knotted at 1 after regulation and two overtimes forcing the game to penalties. Chelsea appeared to have it locked up after C. Ronaldo missed his penalty and Chelsea had the chance to take the lead. Unfortunately, John Terry slipped on his shot and hit the post after fooling the keeper. On Chelsea’s last attempt with the score at 6 to 5, Man. U. keeper Van der Sar finally made a save and the celebration began.

Awards for the Game:

Scapegoat: This one easily goes to Drogba, who was sent off with a red card with only 4 minutes remaining in the second overtime. Drogba would have been one of the players to take a penalty and his goal could have been the difference. Aside from that, he definitely underperformed during the game when Chelsea needed him the most.

Hero: I’m going to give this one Cristiano Ronaldo, despite his miss in the shoot out. His goal in the first half was just incredible, and he’s been scoring goals like they were going out of fashion throughout the season and the Champions League. Not to mention he’s the only guy I know who can make a mullet look fashionable.

Tragic Hero: John Terry would have been the Hero of this game had he not been the victim of a crappy pitch that had been rained on all evening. Terry made an excellent save to push the game into penalties in one of the overtimes when a headed a ball away on a shot made by Manchester on an empty goal. He was a stud throughout the game, and deserves more credit than blame.
Worst Keeper Gear: Hands down, Petr Cech of Chelsea. Someone needs to let him know that hot neon orange does not look good on him. Plus, his helmet looks pretty lame too.

One thought on “Manchester United: The Champions of Europe

  1. i agree it was a great contest, i agree the field (pitch) was in bloody awful shape, and i agree that c ronaldo’s goal was amazing – other than that, i didn’t see it your way:it was not an epic battle, it was a game of two familiar rivals aand therefore can not have a tragic hero – in the literal sense — i do understand your grasp for a metaphor for terry’s poorly executed penalty kick, but oedipus or icarus he is not!also, i believe that cech’s fractured dome is a good reason to sit it out, yet he played well, almost ‘heroically’ i thought – those wussies that wear the arm protection in baseball are lame!with tongue deeply implanted in the inside of my cheek, i’m out!


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