Spy Gate is over

Despite what Senator Arlen Specter might have you believe, Spygate is over (more on him later). Matt Walsh didn’t give the commissioner any new information; although his tapes did reveal just how dedicated Belichick was to this whole stealing signs endeavor.

I hesitate to write this blog, simply because I am a fan of “Belicheat” and the Pats, and so I know I can’t pretend to come off as impartial. But I have to believe that your average Joe Frappehead is ready to let this story die. I agree that the Patriots deserved the punishment they got, and I’m even willing to agree that the commissioner could have been harsher at the time and been justified. But I don’t think any further action is necessary, I don’t think the Patriots’ spying had a real outcome on games, and I highly doubt the Patriots were in the minority when it comes to teams trying to steal signals.

And if you are willing to grant me that last point, then you should definitely be willing to grant me the second point: If stealing signs is not all that uncommon, then coaches are also actively changing their signs, you would think anyways.

Finally, speaking as a current resident of New England, Patriots’ fans are so ready to put this scandal to bed. Has anyone noticed that I still haven’t blogged about the result of the Super Bowl? That loss was one of the toughest I’ve ever had to endure as a fan of professional sports. The idea that Spy Gate could have had more ill effects and publicity just felt like salt on unhealed wounds.

But as I said, it’s over now. And as for you, Senator Specter, if you’re reading this, meet me in the next parenthetical remark . . . (Dude, give it up. Your stupid little opinion does not matter. Why don’t you go do something congressional. Or better yet, quit your job to launch a full scale independent investigation of Spygate that will be as useless to football as the Mitchell report was to baseball. You represent everything that’s broken about this government – so I don’t think anyone in your Senate Judiciary Committee will be sad to see you go.)


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