A Fantasy Baseball Dream

In fantasy baseball, there is always an added bonus if your player is eligible to play at more than one position. Most of the time, it’s a catcher who also plays first like Victor Martinez, or a first baseman who is also eligible in the outfield like Lance Berkman, or the ever so rare middle infielder eligible at both second and short like Ryan Theriot. In some freak cases, you have guys like Chone Figgins who are eligible for most of the infield and outfield (although this year he is not eligible in most leagues for short).

However, the Majors lack anybody comparable to Buster Posey of the Florida State Seminoles’ baseball team. Just to give you an idea how versatile this guy is, he played all 9 positions in the field yesterday in their victory over Savannah State in a game that only lasted 7 innings. He started at Catcher in the first inning and made his way around the horn and the outfield before retiring the last two batters at pitcher to end the game.

Ain’t no thang? Well, he also went 1-for-3 with a grand slam, two walks, and two runs scored. Now that’s impressive.


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