NBA 2nd Round Prognostication Goodness

Sometimes I surprise even me. After my first round of picks, I pushed away from my desk, stood up, and dropped the mouse on the ground and walked off, Chris Rock style. I knew those picks were solid, but man……………….I made prognosticating look as easy as selling pudding at a fat camp.

I’m back again……….to do it again. I can’t turn it off. It’s unfair that one online journalist should be so blessed with talent. But I am. And you all get the goodness with just a click.

The only success(es) I had was/were:

100% Accurate Series Outcomes
33% Series Record
100% Coach Removal Prediction(When Mike D’Antoni’s inevitable move out of Phoenix occurs)

Here’s the disclaimer. As of this writing, it’s unusually deep in the 2nd round of the playoffs. I always wait until the action has started to handicap myself, but this season is more so than usual. As I write this, it is halftime of the Celtics v. Cavaliers game with the Celtics up in the series 1-0. The Spurs play the Hornets later tonight down in the series 2-0.

Eastern (Minor League) Conference

Celtics v. Cavaliers (Celtics up 1-0 at writing)– No one, not even yours truly (The Swami), saw the Hawks taking the Celtics to 7 games in the last round. This match up makes me nervous. Mark this down: The Celtics ain’t winning the championship this year. Believe it.

They have 3 superstars which are all stars on a team literally built to win a championship. Maybe they should have consulted with the NY Yankees, or checked the result the Lakers had when they signed Karl Malone and Gary Payton before they chose that road. Some great players are not winners. When they get in a familiar losing setting, they revert to underperforming.

All that said, Celtics in 6.

Pistons v. Magic (Pistons up 2-1 at writing) – I think Stan Van has a little somethin’ for the Flip led Pistons. The Pistons are also dangerously close to dropping out of the elite for a lot of reasons…….even in the East.

Magic in 7.

Western (Domination) Conference

Lakers v. Jazz (Lakers up 2-0 at writing) – Surprising to hear from this Lakers honk, but the outcome of this series pick is not that the Lakers are this good, but that the Jazz are playing this poor.

Lakers in 4. Jazz are Deer in Headlights throughout.

Spurs v. Hornets (Hornets up 2-0 at writing) – Gotta stop Chris Paul………or else. Mouse drop alert:

Spurs in 7

Read it, live it, learn it.


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