Mike D’Antoni Don’t Play D

Allegedly, Phoenix Suns coach Mike D’Antoni is mulling over offers from the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks to revive their flailing teams.

D’Antoni captained an exciting era of run and gun European style basketball that had Point Guard Steve Nash cutting, slicing, and dicing up opponents with a torrid track meet pace. It seemed like no matter who the Suns plugged into their high octane offense, Nash made them look like All Stars by getting them the ball effortlessly.

Problem was that exciting regular season winning results never carried over into post season success. This is largely believed due to the fact that the offense heavy Suns did not possess the defensive capabilities to make it far in the postseason.

Then comes new Suns GM and former player Steve Kerr. Believing that better D was needed to succeed, he traded for an aging Center from the East and still only won one playoff game.

Suppoosedly Kerr has stated that he wants to see more defense in the Suns’ game play.

Problem is, like the dudes that play pickup ball at my gym……………

Mike D’Antoni don’t play no D.

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