Male Chauvinist Sports Pig

I was just sitting back enjoying the 2nd of 2 NBA playoff games, when all of a sudden I realized I was becoming very uncomfortable for no apparent reason.

Then I noticed that it wasn’t due to my environment or furnishings. And it also wasn’t continuous. I finally figured out that this phenomena spiked when I heard one of the two announcer dudes talk. I had a bad feeling as I sunk into the realization that the husky voice was not a dude at all.

It belonged to someone named Doris Burke, who with Dan Shulman held down announcing duties for the 3rd game between the Spurs and Hornets.

I did not have a problem as a kid when Phyllis George began covering football, nor do I care that women ref NBA games. I just don’t want to hear a WNBA caller announce my game.

I really enjoy recent ballers that have transitioned their game from the court to the studio. I think Reggie Miller is awesome. I like Jon Barry. The TNT gang featuring Charles Barkley is the best sports production going.

But I do not want to hear a woman announcing the game. I can’t believe I feel this way much less going truth serum and sharing it with you.

The ironic thing is, in the previous game of the night (Celtics v. Cavs) I realized that I really liked ex NBA coach and current commentator Jeff Van Gundy. He’s funny. Before tonight the only thing I liked about JVG was footage of him getting drug around the court while holding on to a player’s leg during a bench clearing brawl.

Maybe I’m only coming down with the flu.

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