Tony Romo Knows How To Get Away

If you don’t live in Texas or have completely stayed clear of the sports news media, then you can be happy that you have missed all the hoopla concerning Tony Romo’s current activities on the golf course. Apparently, Romo isn’t too bad when it comes to the links and is spending this football off-season trying to qualify for the U.S. Open. Of course, anyone who has an opinion regarding Tony Romo, the Cowboys, and Jessica Simpson is just having a field day with this one and the topic of Tony Romo’s focus. Last playoffs, everyone was questioning whether or not this guy was really able to focus with Jessica Simpson on the sidelines, and while we haven’t reached a definitive answer to that question, the results of Romo’s playoff career do not speak well. Romo has yet to win an NFL playoff game in his career despite coming within feet of saving a botched snap in 2007.

So while everyone is focusing on Romo and the fact that he’s swinging a club instead of playing catch, MoneyMouth is more concerned for Jessica Simpson and her relationship with her beloved quarterback. What can I say, I’m a compassionate person. I mean, it’s not like Romo’s track record with music stars is very good (his relationship with Carrie Underwood did not last very long). If the media had done their homework, they’d realize the reason why Romo is spending this summer on the golf course is to get away from his girlfriend.

Need proof? I submit to you a clip from the MTV show, Newlyweds, which documented Jessica Simpson’s life with her former husband Nick Lachey.

Obviously, Tony Romo has done his homework and knows the best way to get away from his girlfriend is to pick up the golf clubs and say, “I’ll be home in a few hours, honey.”

So sad.


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