The End of an Era

For as long as I have been alive and watched baseball, there has always been one constant when it came to the MLB, and that constant was Julio Franco. When I played little league baseball, I tried to mimic Julio Franco’s batting stance in practice, and my coach told me to run a lap around the field. From then on, I stuck with the Rickey Henderson stance, which coincidentally also got me in trouble with my coach. Turns out the two aren’t that different. Nonetheless, I still pull out the Franco stance at the occasional sandlot game, and everyone immediately recognizes it. I guess that’s what happens when you play baseball for over 26 years.

And now Julio Franco is calling it quits and retiring from professional baseball at the age of 49. As Page 2 of notes, the last time Julio Franco was officially out of the major leagues was 1981. My favorite 1981 trivia: “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John was a number one song and the first baseball video game, Atari Baseball, debuted.

So long, Julio. We here at the Frappe wish you the best.


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