That’s Embarrassing: Ronaldo

For a majority of our readers, the name Ronaldo has no recognition value.  So to catch you up to speed with the rest of the world, Ronaldo is the world famous soccer player from Brazil who currently plays for AC Milan.  He is the most prolific scorer in World Cup history (15 goals) and has been named FIFA Player of the Year on three different occasions.  More importantly, Ronaldo hangs out with the likes of Seal and McLovin in a class of celebrities that need only one name to be identified.

And now, Ronaldo will also be well known for being caught with three transvestites in a motel in Rio de Janeiro.  Whoops.  
My favorite quote in all of this comes from the inspector who said, “He just wanted to have fun and meet some other people outside of his usual environment.  There is no crime at all.”
But it sure is nasty.

2 thoughts on “That’s Embarrassing: Ronaldo

  1. Typical rogue soccer behavior. I rue the day soccer ever showed up on this blog.If I would have had a list of labels I would never have wanted to see, “Ronaldo Caught With 3 Transvestites” would have topped the list.I’d rather hear about Clemens’ sick behaviour, or anything about a polygamist sect than spoil my pristeen ears with this.And that’s horrific.Let me guess, the trannies names were Larry, Curly, and Moe.Intrinsic


  2. I watch the Frappe weekly for the latest in Soccer and Hockey. Needless to say, I am rarely satisfied. In fact, I have been so distraut at the scarcity of Soccer posts, my personal Sexual identity has been suffered. When it comes to the Frappe, maybe “The Ship Be Sinkin”.Anon


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