Let’s Fix The MVP

This is a discussion that should have happened a long time ago. Let me succinctly identify the issue: Most Valuable Player is a wack and nebulous term.

That’s right, I did just type that.

The last 6 weeks of the regular NBA season was mired with discussions, rationales, and other ramblings as to who deserved the NBA’s MVP award, and why. Often, it changed not only daily, but from discussion to discussion.

Last night I posed the question of what should determine the MVP to 3 of my friends (yes I have them, thank you). Two are not big followers of the NBA. There were three distinct and varying opinions of what MVP should mean.

Most Valuable Player………..no context and no parameters. Much conjecture and self fulfilling power complexes exist though.

Here is how wikipedia describes the history of the award:

“MVP voting takes place immediately following the regular season. Until the 1979-80 NBA season, the Most Valuable Player was originally selected by a vote of NBA players. However, since the 1980-81 NBA season, the award is decided by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada. Voting is done by 125 members of the media;[1] three from each of the 30 NBA cities and the rest a mix of national writers and broadcasters. Since the 1982-83 season, every player who has won the award has played for a team with at least 50 regular-season wins (except, of course, for Karl Malone in the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season, in which the regular season was only 50 games long).”

Here’s what I am going to do:

I will give you new award names that aptly describe the varying viewpoints and angles that are allegedly considered by the media that have voting juice.

PTHCTTMTWIW – This is tough because of the length, but it stand for “Player That Has Consistently Talked To Me The Way I Wanted” This is what happens when you let the media be in charge of a prestigious award like this.

POTTWTBR – “Player On The Team With The Best Record”. This gives Garnett and Bryant the edge this season.

MVPWTIITW – “Most Valuable Player Whose Turn It Is To Win” Like there’s a list of players that are numbered by the order they should get the award. This is for the “It’s Kobe’s turn to win” crowd.

PMVP – “Premature Most Valuable Player.” We may want to just call this the Nowitzki Award. Regular season wunderkind who busts in the playoffs.

The only way to use the MVP tag would be if it were an award decided for each team by their own players for the most valuable player on their team.

The current system does not work. Much like the BCS.

Let’s push for a BCS MVP.


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