Grumbling in the Bronx

I love what is brewing in the Yankee front office these days. The new Steinbrenner went off this weekend on the fact that Joba Chamberlain needs to be a starter, and that everyone agrees on this – simultaneously slamming his starting rotation and everyone in his front office who disagrees on this.

Where this younger Steinbrenner conflict differs from the older Steinbrenner conflicts is that someone is standing up to the younger Steinbrenner – namely Brian Cashman. Essentially, Cashman went to the media and said that young Stein is wrong, and he knows he’s wrong.

Everything about Cashman’s statement sounded like he considers himself the one who is in control of the situation, and that Steinbrenner’s outburst have no real bearing on the future. If Stein were wise, he’d admit defeat on this one, even if it’s just internally and not publicly.

But that takes a bit of pride swallowing, and if young Stein is anything like old Stein, he probably doesn’t enjoy the fact that Cashman thinks just because he’s been in his job longer than Stein, that he’s calling the shots. The resolution of this little tiff might give us our first real hint at what kind of Steinbrenner we’re dealing with.


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