NBA Playoffs Predictions

So the NBA playoffs are upon us: is it possible that this year’s NBA bracket will have more parity than March’s NCAA bracket? Not in the Eastern conference, where I’m picking the highest seed in each match up. But in the West . . . here’s what I got:

First Round Second Round Conf. Finals
L.A. over Denver L.A. over Utah
Utah over Houston Phoenix over L.A.
Phoenix over S.A. Phoenix over Dallas
Dallas over N.O.

In the first round, I think New Orleans’ lack of experience is a real problem, so I’m taking the old and busted Dallas Mavericks to teach them a lesson. As for the second round, the folks over at ESPN dot com are pretty high on the Utah Jazz. But why, exactly? I’m not sure. When you look at the season series, they have some great wins, but I believe they lost to the Lakers more often than they didn’t.

And so I have it coming down to the Suns vs. Lakers for the conference championship. The media will have a field day with the Shaq-Kobe plot line. This series will be great for so many reasons, but Phoenix will win because they want it more. They’ve got a lot more experience when it comes to gritty playoff series that turn into personal grudge matches.

But don’t worry, Laker fans, it doesn’t matter who wins, the Celtics will destroy them in the Finals.


One thought on “NBA Playoffs Predictions

  1. Interesting thoughts. The Celtics will probably make it tough for whoever they face, but I just don’t know if the Mavs will make it through to the second round. Nonetheless, the west will make for amazing television drama this post-season. Go Suns.


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